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Help With Child Custody, Paternity And Visitation Matters

Child custody can be an extremely difficult issue involving the needs, feelings and day-to-day lives of children and parents. Working out fair child custody arrangements is a process that often requires the help of an experienced family law lawyer, whether it happens in conjunction with a divorce or between unmarried parents.

Child support can also be an emotionally charged matter. Since it concerns the paying of critical expenses and providing the best possible life for the children – and since one parent actually has to make the payments – both sides want to be treated fairly. Florida Statute 61.30 addresses child support.

Attorney David Thomas is a strong negotiator and certified mediator who helps clients envision solutions to challenging child custody and support matters. Since family mediation allows for more flexibility and can be more affordable than litigation, he uses mediation as much as possible, but he also represents his clients in court when necessary. Contact us for a free consultation about your case.

Help With Modification And Enforcement Of Court Orders

When income, living arrangements and circumstances change, child support, alimony and child custody arrangements may need to change as well. If you make or receive payments, we can assist you in getting modifications of existing court orders, and we can also file motions to change custody and child visitation structures.

We can also help when child support is not being paid. This usually involves going to court to get an enforcement of the court order by showing that contempt of court has occurred.

In situations where parents are unmarried, we handle Florida Department of Revenue cases involving child support determinations. In these cases, we can help you figure out how much support you are entitled to, and then help you collect the support payments.

In addition, we can assist you with stepparent adoptions and other family law matters.

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