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Client Testimonials

Hello my name is Elizabeth chandler I wanted to tell you all about my experience with Mr. Thomas. The day my son was arrested was the day I lost it we have never been through this before all I could do was pray and that is what i did i ask god to point me to the right lawyer we woke up the next day and called ever where and most of them were wanting a lot of money then i made the right phone call to MR Thomas I knew soon as i talked with him he was the one not only did he care about me and my family you could tell he wasn’t in it just for the money we worked together and my son case was dismissed i would recommend MR Thomas to anyone if i ever have to have attorney again he will be the one thank you god bless. – Elizabeth Chandler (7/21/20121)

I have known Mr. Thomas for several years, and he has represented my son on several occasions. Having had experience with other attorneys, I know him to be exceptional in his knowledge and dedication to his clients. Most recently, he went way above what anyone would expect from an attorney and very aggressively prosecuted my son’s criminal case. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation. I know that he will do an excellent job of representing a client in a professional, courteous and caring manner. His rates are very fair and certainly much better than what I was charged by other attorneys. If I or any member of my family requires legal services in the future, Mr. Thomas is the attorney I will call. He is far superior to any other attorney that I have had a professional relationship with. I genuinely like Mr. Thomas. – Ed Lang (10/21/16)

David Thomas provided professional, expert and compassionate legal counsel for my daughter during a difficult time, making sure that the justice system saw her side of the story and arranging a plea that we were comfortable with. He was always very accessible by phone and never too busy to answer our questions. His legal fees were extremely reasonable and worth every penny. I would recommend him highly to anyone. – Leisa Bailey (12/11/15)

I am a Pensacola attorney and often recommend Mr. Thomas to clients that need legal assistance in Walton and Okaloosa counties. Mr. Thomas is both personable and knowledgeable. On top of that, his office is directly across from the courthouse in DeFuniak Springs, which makes meeting with him before court a breeze. I doubt there is a better attorney in DeFuniak Springs when it comes to handling civil (family) law matters. – Daniel Sanders (12/11/15)

We contacted Mr. Thomas to handle a court case for our daughter. He found some errors that the state made on the counting of points that could have resulted in a prison sentence. He argued her case in court, had them see her as a person and, in the end, we were very pleased with the verdict. Mr. Thomas was professional and knowledgeable. His office was very prompt with answers to any questions we had. We would recommend him highly to anyone with legal issues. – Cheryln Wilkerson

During a treacherous time where my future and that of my child’s was dependent on finding an attorney to fight for justice, the right’s of my child, and all of the suffering we had been through as my divorce was far from typical- but rather extremely contested; and in knowing my complicated situation would have to be understood exactly as I had experienced it as the horror of separation and divorce with a difficult person has been, I found Mr. Thomas.

From day one, entrusting my story and case to Mr. Thomas, on my long drive back home, I was left with an unshakeable confidence after our first consultation  which gave me such a feeling of security, and enthusiasm- for I truly left Mr. Thomas’ office knowing justice would prevail as a result of finding him, a gem of an attorney, which I later learned just how amazing he actually was. However, I knew this from the start because Mr. Thomas immediately understood my pain and our story, just as we had experienced it, and not because it was his job, but because of his precise understanding of the type of  character and person I was dealing with. In listening to my case, I will never forget, that with notepads and highlighters being handed to me, his efforts to help illustrate the map of his purposeful vision for bringing out the facts, the timelines, and very subtle details of my case—all to light, for the court to see, as the suffering of mine and that of my child’s was truly understood. Mr. Thomas envisioned a strong, deliberate, and detailed plan of action to follow suit for my case based on my specific situation and per his years of experience.

Furthermore, when Mr. Thomas gave me guidance and things for me to work through and gather, all for the purposes of strengthening my case- as he knew exactly which laws applied, and what needed to be done and the information needed to prepare so he could be my voice; it was then that my belief of just how amazing of an attorney Mr. Thomas is, was yet again reinforced through deliberate and strategic action in building my case, as it was made clear to me that Mr. Thomas truly cares beyond an attorney!

And as I never imagined a divorce could last as long as mine had, Mr. Thomas relentlessly supported me through each legal motion, each e-mail, and every call of concern, he helped give me confidence with every passing doubt, and all, I mean, all…of my questions. Even through my ex-husband’s various attorney’s aims, Mr. Thomas never forgot a single detail. He truly was my voice, who knew the rights and laws like the palm of his hand, and that the truths of my case would be brought to light.

Between the way Mr. Thomas genuinely cares, his wit, humor, and incredible knowledge and expertise – after years of relentless and consistent fighting for my case, I often tell Dave, as I call him, that I am forever in debt to him, as I truly feel that I owe him my life, for all he did for me and my child. I also often tell him that I think he’s a genius, and that I think he is the best!

You absolutely cannot go wrong with Mr. Thomas, rest assured. Just know he will fight hard for your case and what you want to stand for, all in the name of justice- and bringing the truth to light!

~ Sarah, contested divorce client, since 2019 – present

Case Results

Man found not guilty at jury trial of 2013 Attempted Murder charge in Washington County, Florida, Circuit Judge Christopher Patterson, Case No: 12-01-CF.

Woman found not guilty at jury trial in Misdemeanor DUI in Walton County, Florida 4/22/13. County Judge David Green; Case No: 12MM1468. Also, same case, Defendant wins Florida Driver’s Licenses Administrative hearing.

Man found not guilty of violation of Restraining Order, Walton County, Florida, County Judge David Green, 1/2/2012, Case No: 95CA898.

Motion to dismiss for failure to register as sexual predator, Granted on 10/7/13, Washington County, FL; Circuit Judge Christopher Patterson, 10/7/13. Case No: 13-266-CF

Three Injunctions dismissed for lack of evidence, Walton County, Circuit Judge Howard LaPorte, 10/9/13; Case No: 13DR818; 13DR820; and 13DR821